Renewal of Life

It is good to return, after an interval,
over and over, to the nourishing sea,
to the familiar yet recreated seascape;

also to feed the heart on the familiar cadence,
the strong sweet shudder that great music brings,
the mind-keen vigor of the counterpoint;

also the look of words, brave shimmering
emblems of our farewell to the beast,
our reaching upward to the elusive angel;

and to go back again and again to some faces,
finding them changed a little in line and color,
but in the essentials unchanged and beloved;

these I can return to, over and over,
these I shall have with me all my life.

But not often, or for long, the cry of a littleĀ child,
new from the womb, indignant, afraid, defiant;
cry, little one, that I may comfort you,
and may this music sing in my ears always.