Defenceless, Lord, by Thee I am defended;
blind, by Thy borrowed senses do I see;
trapped by offenses that are never ended,
by Thy sweet discipline am I set free.

Stung to contrition, I have been forgiven;
sick, by Thy wholeness now have I been healed.
Though by my sin Thy blameless heart was riven,
still by Thy love is my salvation sealed.

So may I be possessed and claimed and altered,
no part of life denied but all transferred
into Thy kingdom where no man has faltered
but to be raised again by Thy sure word.

So may I live, that men may know the witness
and see the light reflected from Thy face;
may I not question my own strength or fitness
but trust the eternal promise of Thy Grace.

Started October 1953 Haddonfield
Finished May 1954 after a visit to the Bruderhof in Paraguay, where Jane attended a baptism.